Why People Have a Fear of Public Speaking

It was the spring of 1999, the trees outside of the classroom had just started to bloom, and my brother and I were sitting next to each other in COM 1010, Oral Communication or Public Speaking Class, at Wayne State University. It was the last week of classes and we were all scheduled to give our final speech in front a class of 30 students.

As my brother and I sat in our desks a classmate of ours walked towards the front of the room and began speaking about his fraternity. No more than 30 seconds into the speech and things started to take a turn for the worse. The kids face started to turn beet red, his forehead began to drip of sweat, and he began to lean backwards ever so slightly.

Rate of Sales Calculator for Microsoft Excel

In sales and business it is critical to calculate the rate of sales on any given product that is being sold or produced. Calculating the rate of sales or ROS helps forecast proper inventory levels at wholesalers and retail outlets.The ROS can also help identify problems if the rate of sale drops or increases from one time period to the next.

In my line of sales, rate of sales, is critical information that I use on a daily basis. In the past I’ve always figured out the rate of sales using a calculator and pen and paper, but after a while I got tired of wasting paper, losing track of what time period I was calculating, or how many cases or units I was selling. I took the time to develop an easy to use sales tool for Microsoft Excel.

I’ll walk you through a step by step process of creating your own rate of sales calculator for Microsoft Excel.

Warning: Your Last Minute Sales Presentation Will Fail and How to Avoid It.

I’m sitting in the corner of a hotel lobby in Grand Rapids, eating my late night snack, cottage cheese, peanut butter, raspberries, and flax seed. There’s a man and woman sitting to the left of me at a high rise table, pounding away on their MacBook Pros, while Modern Family is on the flat screen TV, directly in front of them.

Although I was trying to catch up on some much overdue personal email cleaning, I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation or maybe it was a release of frustration. They’re complaining about how their coworkers are always waiting to the last minute to do things.

Every few minutes I would hear the break in the key pounding as they became engulfed in Modern Family.

From what I could make out from their conversation, is that everyone they deal with at their company is crazy, lazy, and never takes anything seriously. The woman, who is doing most of the talking, or complaining, is going on and on about the problems with lack of follow up and how the lady, either above her or maybe below her, is a whack job.

I can’t hold back anymore and I break my silence with a question.

Are You Destroying Your Sales Force With These Foolish Actions?

A great and reliable sales force is difficult to build. It can take years to find the right mix of professionals that will serve you and your customers. But all of the time spent building your sales force, can be wrecked in a matter of moments.

Most of you might argue that sales people are a dime a dozen, and they are, but great sales people are not. The sales people that go above and beyond for you, your company, and the customer, are sometimes irreplaceable, because of the relationships they’ve built with their (your) clients.

But rest assured if you’re taking part in any of these foolish actions you are wrecking your sales force.

7 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Speech

You have a powerful message that you need to deliver with your next speech. And deep down inside of you, you know that your audience will be better off once they hear your message.

You’ve taken the necessary steps to create a content rich speech that should amaze your audience. You’ve done more research for your topic then you’d like to admit; you’ve crafted a magnetic headline for your speech; you have a killer opening, a body that keeps attention, and a strong call to action. You’ve rehearsed your speech numerous amounts of times in your head, in the mirror, and to your closest friends.

You’re ready to knock ‘em dead, aren’t you?